About Us

Founded in 2017 Property Expo is an IT company whose operations are specialized and tailor-made for real estate business. With the backing of 20 years of sales and consultancy experience of our parent company Cyber Square, we have been in the realty realm of Qatar with an aim to provide our customers the best of the experiences in dealing with the properties. We have the largest collection of assorted properties across Qatar which effectively enables us to cater to the needs of a diverse clientele from someone who is a first-time home buyer to someone one who is in a need of large office premises or a warehouse. Our technology backed smart back end engine enables us to provide you with the best possible match to the type of property you desire. We have been closely aligned with leading real estate companies of Qatar and have a large number of varied genus of properties listed on our website.

Our Android and IOS based smartphone app enables you to search for any type of desirable property on the move. Our agents systematically guide you from your initial expression of interest to quick and easy completion of property acquisition using our dedicated sales process where our back-end services ensure that you get personal and timely attention all the way.

Aptly backed by a powerful CRM suite, PropertyExpo’s services are rivetted to provide a one stop IT based command and control center to the realtors and agents. Lakshya will help our clients to radically improve their sales process by helping them in engaging with their customers in more fervent and professional way. This helps in optimization of their sales work force thus reciprocating in considerable increase in the sales and profits. Lakshya also generates various real-time reports that helps our clients in critical decision making, understanding market behavior, streamlining their business process and improving their customer relationship aspect. Improved process translates in to improved services that benefits the buyer thus increasing customer satisfaction while a satisfied customer augments to more business thus turning the whole process in to a win-win situation.

Being one of the kind in Qatar, our specialized arm of digital marketing provides exclusive promotion services to our clients to market their property in the digital and online podium thus not restricting out clients to the local market but also exposing them to the international market. With various available digital marketing services like search engine optimization, content writing, social media marketing, flyers design and creative materials, we at PropertyExpo, with our professional entrepreneurial culture, root only for best services to our customers.

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There is a paradigm shift in the approach to the Realty business, and it is happening in Qatar. Property Expo, an established player in this field, opens a new chapter in providing buyers and sellers a transparent and eminently fair opportunity to benefit from their interactions with Property Expo. I wish Property Expo and their associates and customers the very best of fruitful partnership

Mathew AntonyChief Technical Advisor - Property Expo

I wish Property Expo all the very best and am sure that the  values of the work ethic and the commitment to the clients which form the bedrock will deliver abundantly making a discernible difference in the world of Realty. The harnessing of up-to-date technology and adoption of time tested methods will without doubt serve the entire market place with options that optimise the business processes ushering in a new era in the realm of real estate business. All the best. 

Mani A PulimoodChief Business Development Advisor - Property Expo